A Better Way to Rent with NewSublease

Rooney Lee, a recent Darden MBA graduate from the class of 2023, has entered the realm of entrepreneurship with NewSublease, a startup poised to revolutionize the mid-term housing market. With a diverse background spanning HR, Six Sigma, analytics, business transformation, and product development, Lee is combining his expertise and entrepreneurial zeal to address a common challenge faced by students and professionals alike.

Originally hailing from South Korea, Lee's journey took him across various corners of the United States before he joined Darden. With seven years of experience at Cummins, he honed his skills across a range of disciplines, which eventually inspired him to pursue an MBA to delve deeper into entrepreneurship.

Lee's foray into entrepreneurship was sparked during an internship at Google, where he grappled with the difficulties of finding reliable subletting solutions for mid-term housing needs. This frustration laid the foundation for NewSublease, a platform designed to simplify and democratize the subletting process for the millions facing similar challenges.

In the immediate future, NewSublease is focused on refining its product based on user feedback and establishing necessary legal frameworks, thanks in part to its victory in the eCup competition and secured seed funding. The startup aims to enhance its platform's reliability and scalability to cater to the winter break market by the fall. Looking further ahead, NewSublease's ultimate goal is to establish itself as the premier platform for affordable mid-term housing solutions, targeting a wide range of traveling professionals.

The startup has already gained significant traction, boasting over 4,500 student users and listing more than 200 properties within a mere eight weeks. Among the early adopters are Lee's fellow Darden students, who have provided invaluable insights. Furthermore, the startup has collaborated with Darden to assist incoming and exchange students in finding suitable housing, earning commendation from the institution.

Lee's journey underscores the importance of entrepreneurship as a fundamental skill set in the business world. He encourages his peers at Darden to embrace entrepreneurship, highlighting the wealth of resources available and the nurturing environment of Charlottesville. Lee emphasizes that entrepreneurship is a valuable perspective for individuals pursuing careers in various fields, offering a unique lens through which to make a meaningful impact. He urges students to seize the opportunity during their MBA program to experiment, learn, and lay the groundwork for their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Rooney Lee's transition from a seasoned professional to an enterprising MBA graduate exemplifies the potential of combining diverse skills and experiences to effect meaningful change. His startup, NewSublease, stands as a testament to his commitment to addressing real-world problems with innovative solutions. As Lee continues to drive innovation through his venture, he serves as an inspiring figure to aspiring entrepreneurs both within and beyond the Darden community.