A New Way to Enjoy: Boozy Frozen Treats


Hoi-San Guan is the visionary founder of Boozy Frozen Treats. As an MBA candidate and seasoned entrepreneur, Hoi-San brings her extensive experience in risk management, program leadership, and logistics operations to the world of frozen delights. With a deep passion for crafting exceptional frozen treats that captivate the taste buds and delight the senses, Hoi-San is committed to creating a brand that redefines the frozen dessert experience. Her dedication to quality, innovation, and a touch of indulgence is at the heart of Boozy Frozen Treats. Drawing on her expertise and creative flair, Hoi-San has meticulously curated a collection of boozy frozen treats that blend exquisite flavors, premium ingredients, and a hint of sophistication. Each creation is a testament to her commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience to dessert enthusiasts. The treats are made with fresh fruit and have no added sugars. Boozy Frozen Treats originated from the encouragement and praise of Hoi-San’s friends, as she first started making the treats for her friends and family. She was raised in an environment where food was used as a form of support and an expression of love for others, and this passion project eventually blossomed into a business. 

Although Hoi-San initially pursued a different career path, her extensive background in operations and her passion for continuous improvements proved invaluable in shaping her venture. Despite receiving constant encouragement from loved ones to start her own business , Hoi-San was hesitant to leave her full time job. However, her time at Darden School of Business presented the perfect opportunity to seize the reins of entrepreneurship and turn her passion project into a reality

Drawing inspiration from her fond memories of food and social gatherings, Hoi-San set out to recreate those same warmth and happy experiences for others. Recognizing the prevalence of processed ingredients and excessive sugar in traditional alcoholic options, she identified  an unmet in the market. By blending her passion for premium drinks with her entrepreneurial spirit, Hoi-San crafted a healthier, naturally sweet alternative tailored for networking events and other social settings.

 Through Boozy Frozen Treats, Hoi-San is not only offering a delightful frozen treat but also creating a unique social experience that brings people together. With her unwavering dedication to quality, creativity, and community, Hoi-San continues to drive her venture forward, leaving an indelible mark on the frozen treats industry.