Cobouchy:  A Beverage for Coffee Lovers

Many people explored new hobbies during the global pandemic, but Jing Xu took this exploration to the next level and founded a company—Cobouchy—out of her newfound passion for brewing coffee kombucha. Jing started her journey by making craft tea kombucha.  After falling in love with the brewing process, she put a spin on the standard recipe and started perfecting two signature coffee kombucha beverages:  Kick in the Cobouchy and Lift Off. Her beverages do not contain any tea and use fermented coffee as a base for additional flavorings. The bitter notes from the coffee are balanced by the fermentation’s acidity and complemented by a sweetness that can only be found in juice.

Kick in the Cobouchy is a must have for serious coffee drinkers due to the bold dark roast coffee base perfectly carbonated and lightly sweetened by a touch of coconut water to provide what consumers describe as a “bold and smooth experience.”

Lift Off features a light roast coffee with just the right amount of bubbly satisfaction paired with a splash of peach juice that many customers describe as “the perfect refreshing pick-me-up for a summer afternoon.”

Cobouchy is a beverage for coffee lovers.  While it offers the same health benefits as tea kombucha with probiotics that can help digestion and may strengthen one’s immune system, with less caffeine than a typical eight-ounce cup of coffee, Cobouchy can also help individuals reduce or limit their caffeine consumption.  Many consumers consider this to be a huge plus, especially when they want a coffee beverage later in the day.

Kick in the Cobouchy contains approximately two thirds the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee while Lift Off has about one third the amount of caffeine.

Cobouchy is available for purchase online at or at Rebecca’s Natural Food located in the Barracks Road shopping center.  Jing also sets up a table at various farmers’ markets in the Charlottesville area, which she will post about on her Instagram.

To follow the Cobouchy journey, check out Instagram. To learn more or stay informed about the latest news on Cobouchy, you can sign up for the mailing list on the website,

About the Founder:

Jing Xu has always been passionate about new food and beverages.  She was born and raised in Mountain View, California and received a B.S. in Biology from the California Institute of Technology.  After five years of work experience within the biotech sector she moved to Charlottesville to pursue further education.  She is currently earning an M.B.A degree at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business while working on Cobouchy.