DoubleThink News: An Unbiased News Platform

DoubleThink, a news comparison platform, gives newsreaders access to the wide spectrum of opinions and perspectives present in the media. There has never been a more relevant time for DoubleThink’s service. As recent events intensify the angles at which media outlets approach sharing news, it can be difficult to decipher through and find the facts. All newsreaders can agree that different sources often give varying interpretations of the same events.

In the fall of 2019, Hao, the original founder of DoubleThink News, recognized the many contradicting accounts of the same topics in the news. The contrasting viewpoints were present not only internally in the United States but also across the world. The world was full of extreme news reporting and Hao wondered if there was a way to easily find every side of a news story.

Hao recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Computer Science and Astronomy. Having a Computer Science background, Hao thought couldn’t I at least use code to find a solution for newsreaders to be able to view multiple perspectives. He started investigating how information, specifically news, could be delivered effectively in an unbiased way. From there the platform of DoubleThink News was built. The website aggregates articles from different news sources, arranges them by topic, and places differing perspectives side-by-side. 

Jeffrey, the second founder of DoubleThink and skilled coder, joined the venture’s team after being thoroughly impressed with the first version of the website. The platform brings together new sources from around the world. Over 20 countries are represented on DoubleThink’s website with a total of 250 sources, a number currently rising. DoubleThink addresses that differing views occur within countries and between countries.

The venture’s mission is to give the opportunity for newsreaders to be socially responsible through providing a broad range of perspectives where readers can develop their own opinions. The founders understand some readers are only interested in articles that align with their own opinions. That’s why the website lets you select the news you want to read and will give you recommendations based on your browsing history. Headlines of other new sources will still be available as an option to open and read.

The founders of DoubleThink thrive on the challenge of this venture and continue to reevaluate how they approach bringing multiple viewpoints to an audience. Within human nature lies a natural desire to debate and voice personal opinions. DoubleThink gives readers the ability to compare news articles that may naturally debate their views.

Now there is a way to easily discover all sides of the story and as DoubleThink puts it…

Unbiased news doesn’t exist. Unbiased comparison does.

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