PERC Coffee: A True Brewery

PERC Coffee is brewing up a new way to explore and experience coffee. The craft coffee roasting company is opening a second shop in Atlanta, GA on August 4th. Philip Brown and Alan Fischer, the passionate founders of PERC, don’t even need four cups of coffee a day to sustain abundant enthusiasm for their venture (they actually only drink one or two cups a day).

The roasting company is establishing a community where people can connect over coffee.

“Coffee brings in curious people.” – Alan Fischer

The Atlanta shop makes coffee accessible no matter where someone is on their coffee journey. You could be a coffee expert seeking advice on making the best brew at home or you could be coffee curious stopping by PERC only for food. Even the extensive amount of free parking surrounding the store increases accessibility as parking is a rarity in the Atlanta area.

Philip, the original founder, worked for almost ten years at another coffee shop in Savannah, GA before PERC. There he discovered his love of serving others and was inspired to learn everything he could about coffee. Each night after work, he would come home and talk to his wife about all the things he would do differently involving the shop. Once she heard it enough times, Philip’s wife told him he should go make this better coffee business, so Philip created PERC.

In the beginning, Philip roasted coffee out of a 450 square feet room and made deliveries by bike. Alan first encountered PERC after a coworker had brought in Philip’s coffee from a farmers market. It was nothing like Alan had ever tasted before. At the time, Alan had limited knowledge surrounding coffee but the more times Alan went back to see Philip for another brew to try at home, the more insight Philip gave him surrounding the coffee world. Soon thereafter, Alan joined Philip in his pursuit of PERC Coffee.  

As Alan puts it, “you can never know everything there is to know about coffee.” The upcoming store in Atlanta is not just serving coffee, they are playing with it. As the first true 'brewery' in the coffee industry, PERC offers customers a flight to taste the different coffees in their portfolio. PERC Coffee will always have a mild, wild, and limited release flavor. Their supply comes from all over the world; they could have an Ethiopian label one month and a stock from Yaman the next.

PERC Coffee's Atlanta location is opening on August 4th, 2020

PERC ensures traceability, sustainability, and fair trade from each of its suppliers. They can tell you all the way down to the farmer’s name where the cup of coffee you are drinking comes from. The roasting company is also always looking for a new coffee to bring to the table. They are constantly experimenting with new samples and finding distinctly different flavor profiles to bring to the shop.

In addition to the new Atlanta store, PERC Coffee runs a wholesale side, supplying restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores such as Whole Foods with coffee and expertise. Customers can order off their website or visit their other store in Savannah, GA for coffee bag pick-up. 

PERC Coffee is ready to put a spin on what a coffee shop can be. Whether you go with the mild, wild, or limited edition blend, you'll find a delicious cup of coffee at PERC.

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