RevArt: Art Without Boundaries

A traditional trade in the art industry involves an artist’s agent connecting with a collector, who then determines whether the artist’s work will be purchased for a gallery. Patti Pan, a recent University of Virginia Darden School of Business graduate, is innovating this process with her venture, RevArt. 

Although Patti has no experience being an artist herself, she has a deep appreciation and love for the craft. She’s always been an explorer; you can find her traveling to new places, meeting new people, and absorbing all the culture she can. Patti has lived in three countries over the past ten years and traveled to twenty during her undergraduate studies.

Alongside her personal passion for art and culture, Patti has worked professionally in the art industry and collaborated with art foundations, galleries, and artists. Potentially her most influential and fulfilling professional undertaking was managing a project for the first art shopping mall in China. In one of the top ten tallest skyscrapers in the world, Patti worked on a new kind of retail experience, one where art combines with commercial – foreshadowing RevArt.

Patti was motivated to start this venture after supporting many entrepreneurs during her internship at a venture capitalist firm in the summer of 2019. This experience uncovered Patti’s entrepreneurship drive and eagerness to take on her own endeavor. In August of 2019, she decided to pursue her passion and expertise in the art industry.

RevArt is changing the game by delivering innovation and globalization to the industry. The professional art service platform connects commercial brands with emerging artists and art intellectual property. As the industry trends away from traditional gallery spaces, RevArt is tapping into more unconventional channels. RevArt encompasses a wide scope of art offerings from products to space design to educational resources. Additionally, with the company’s global capacity to perform exchanges across borders, artists truly have limitless opportunities.

The interjection of COVID-19 has emphasized RevArt’s focus on providing more affordable solutions. The company’s current efforts are towards producing and iterating machine learning technologies to administer tools to aid in the tasks currently performed by curators and art directors. These algorithms will add transparency and affordability to the art selection process.

A creative product based on the prompt “How to use art to light your life during COVID-19”

Patti’s passions for people, culture, and art are undeniable. With her enthusiasm and expertise, she’s prepared to make RevArt the go-to platform for artists and curating services.

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Patti Pan, Founder