Payton Turner is the founder of Nonstop Points, an affiliate marketing company that focuses on helping students, from undergraduate to law, MBA, or medical degrees be able to afford travel at a reduced price. Payton has always been entrepreneurial and enjoyed traveling.

From a young age, whether it was a lemonade stand, or opening a small store in his garage to sell items he produced, Payton loved business. He always had a goal to work for himself and build businesses. While he loves to travel, he realized that it is a very expensive hobby, so he began researching the workings of points and miles and now uses them to travel the world for a significantly reduced price. Combining his passion for business with his interest in travel, Nonstop Points was born. 

People often sought Payton out for advice on how they too could travel on a budget, which is when he realized there was a need in the market to help others learn about award travel. To him, success looks like building a platform that is the go-to for budget student travel tips and tricks. More specifically, if he is “helping more students be able to travel, then Nonstop Points is a success.” Currently, he aims to scale his audience and be able to reach as many students and young individuals as possible.

One of the biggest challenges that Payton has faced so far is getting the right partnerships into place. Balancing the best content with affiliate links (revenue) has proven to be an overlapping issue that he is working to overcome. 

At the i.Lab, his goal is to learn as much as possible. He wants to see how other founders go about problem solving as well as the systems and tools they implement to fix those problems and scale their companies. For Payton, the more he is able to connect with other founders and learn from their experiences, the better. 

Ultimately, Payton’s goal is to “help as many other young individuals, in life or at heart, be able to have the same great opportunities and experiences.” With regard to advice for budding entrepreneurs, he says to “just get started” on any problem one might want to solve, and let the details fall into place. While the process may seem overwhelming, the hardest part is just getting started.