Rise Energy Systems: A New Approach to Make Solar Energy Accessible

Rise Energy Systems is making it easy for businesses and homes to run on solar.

Matthew Miller, the founder of Rise, has developed a ground-based, remotely-deployable solar array. The solar panels retract in and out like an accordion, only taking up space when it’s convenient. These arrays are ideal for driveways and empty parking lots where the area is only needed minimally throughout the day.

Matthew’s mission is to make solar energy more accessible and abundant. As the supply of fossil fuels continues to deplete, the shift to renewable resources is becoming even more essential. 

“I see fossil fuels as a dead end. I think everything we can do to speed that process up (the transition away from fossil fuels) is a positive thing.” – Matthew Miller

Even most electric cars, depending on where you are, still run on coal. Rise Energy Systems provides a simple solution for almost anyone to convert to renewable energy. The solar arrays can be used for more than powering houses and buildings, it can also power a battery for an electric car.

The idea for the spacious and ground-based solar arrays came one day after Matthew passed the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee. The speedway has about 12,000 parking spaces which are full to capacity only a few weekends out of the year. That leaves a large amount of pavement unoccupied for most of the year. With Rise’s arrays, it’s possible to generate solar energy in underutilized areas like the parking lots at speedways and other large unoccupied spaces.  

For big-box retailers like Walmart and Costco who are mandated to have a certain number of parking spaces per square foot of their stores, also end up having excess parking. Using Rise’s product, these companies can not only save money by making their extra parking a solar energy source but can also create a visual image of their commitment to sustainability.

The solar arrays can be set to follow a time schedule for when to deploy or they can be controlled through a remote. When deployed, the solar panels will wheel out, cover 246 square feet, and collect solar energy until the system is retracted. The panels fold back in to take up only 34 square feet. Four of Rise’s boxes can fit into one parking space and each box holds a unit of 4.5kW. For reference, an average size house can run completely on a solar panel unit of 4.5kW during the summer and have enough power generated to cover most energy costs during the winter. 

Rise Energy Systems' solar array contracted Rise Energy Systems' solar array expanded

Solar roof panels can be a great option for homeowners. However, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, less than 40% of roofs in the United States are suitable for solar panels. Rise’s ground-based solar approach provides multiple advantages including being more convenient to clean and granting financial benefits from fewer labor costs. The arrays even have a wind sensor that automatically retracts the panels when unsafe wind speeds are detected.

Rise Energy Systems’ accommodating solar energy source is giving underutilized areas a better purpose and expanding the opportunity to transition to renewable energy.

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