Tack: No Cash, No Problem

Tack was founded by the true spirit of entrepreneurship. The digital payment platform solves a problem experienced by one of the founders himself. While in Greece on his honeymoon, Alexander was staying at a hotel where many workers were helping him and his wife. He wanted to tip these workers for their service but wasn’t carrying any cash. A common scenario that no one seems to have resolved…until Tack.

Alexander and Stephen, the founders of Tack, have built a broad-base platform that makes it more accessible and immediate for customers to tip and donate. Through a QR code and URL customers can pay online via credit card or a form of mobile payment (Apply Pay, Google Pay, etc).  

Tack aims to create a more empathic world by empowering people to give. The platform prompts intentional giving and offers convenience for both consumers and businesses. 

The two founders graduated this past May from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. So, their first few encounters came from a classroom setting. Alexander described his impression of Stephen as, “I just knew he was a really smart guy because he would say smart things.” While characterizing his own contribution in class as “hit or miss…I was either going to change the whole conversation and move the class forward or derail it and bring it back.”

Now, a year and a half into working together on Tack, the founders have discovered they complement each other well.

“We go through these weird cycles where one of us is very high and the other is very low and we’re able to balance each other out. We are very rarely in sync on how excited we are about the project but it’s fantastic because it helps the other one get out of their funk.” - Stephen

Both Alexander and Stephen are ready to tackle the next level. They see the vast opportunities in the online payment arena. As the world continues to speed up and favor convenience, consumers are more often using credit cards and other forms of digital payments over cash. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this movement towards the digitalization of payments and transfers. During this time, Tack has helped companies stay afloat by providing a source for payments. Tack is a true value-adding product that gives businesses and their employees the chance for additional income.

Soon their services will include a give-on-the-spot feature where you can tap to pay, adding even more accessibility to the tipping process. Tack’s future is promising and while there are so many unknowns, one thing is for certain:

“I will go back and get that hotel to use Tack eventually, I just have to learn how to speak Greek first.” – Alexander

Alexander Spencer, Co-Founder  Stephen Joy, Co-Founder