Transforming the Audiobook Industry with Krity

Aman Agasi, Aman Shrivastava, and Sahil Lamba are three mechanical engineers who co-founded Krity, a fully democratized audiobook marketplace. Through this platform, anyone can record audiobooks and earn based on their listenership. They initially got into entrepreneurship because of their interest in the power of technology to change the world in which they live, and while earning his MBA at Darden School of Business, Aman Agasi decided this was the time for the three founders to work together.

Through the establishment of Krity, Agasi, Shrivastava, and Lamba aim to solve the problem of the growing creator community that possesses great voice-over talent but does not have an avenue to build a brand around their voice and narration style and profit from it. In addition to benefiting narrators, Krity also provides a more diverse option for listeners in choosing the type or tone of voice in which their story is read. 

Krity is on a mission to enable people to turn their passion for books into a source of revenue and in the process give voices to as many books as possible. Through Krity, the process of audiobook recording is made accessible to everyone. The founders also aim to fix the incentive structure of the audiobook industry to prioritize the narrators and distribute revenues directly to the people that create the maximum value for audiobook listeners. Finally, the company also intends to revive lost Indian literature and bring it to the mainstream through the new and emerging audio channel which is helping people reverse their growing disengagement with books.

The founders of Krity emphasize the importance of clear thinking, championing the idea that the best test of this is to be able to “explain your whole value proposition in two sentences or less, [and] then you are onto something.” They advise others to distill ideas into simple, clear sentences which make sense. This provides one with a clear sense of direction and source of motivation to achieve one’s goals.